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#RAW Juice Cleanses

HEYLIFE Juice Cleanses - 100% natural juices pressed on order for you!

With our #RAW Juice Cleanses, you free yourself from unhealthy habits and create more awareness of what is good for your body. Treat your digestion to a break and get a big handful of important nutrients. Develop a taste for healthy eating now! Our #RAW Juices are freshly pressed for you on order - it doesn't get any fresher than that!
Shelf life: 4 days upon delivery

#RAW Juices

You want to create your own personal Juice Cleanse? Or you'd like to put together box with fresh juices for your Sunday brunch? No problem! Select the #RAW Juices and Nut Drinks of your choice here.
Shelf life: 4 days upon delivery

Coconut Water

Fancy a day at the beach? Our Coconut Water consists of 100% Thai coconut water from young organic Nam Hom coconuts. Hand-picked, they are bottled and brought straight to us by ship – it doesn’t get any fresher than that! The valuable nutrients are preserved – and so is the fresh taste.
Minimum shelf life: 25 days

Cold Pressed Shots

Our Cold Pressed Shots are natural boosters for body and mind. Whether you have one in the morning instead of a coffee, or as an added kick for your snack, our power shots give you the energy and vitamins you need thanks to a high portion of “superfoods”!
Minimum shelf life: 23 days

Almond Drinks

Our Almond Drinks: very fresh, extremely delicious and with no additives!

For our Almond Drinks we mix almonds with water, maple syrup and Himalayan salt. After that we add the characteristic spices to the drinks. But these plant-based drinks are not only alternatives to milk - they also are also a delicious, natural treat when enjoyed on their own!
Minimum shelf life: 14 days

Watermelon Water

We turn watermelons into a 100% natural, refreshing drink for you! Thanks to their high water content, watermelons are perfect for juicing and make this drink beautifully light. In addition, our Watermelon Water is packed with valuable nutrients and makes your body and soul feel great any time of the year!
Minimum shelf life: 25 days


With our new Bubbly Agua Fresca, we provide you with a 100% natural soft drink. It contains fresh, organic juice and sparkling water – nothing else! No “natural” flavors, no concentrates, no refined sugar, no preservatives. Pure nature.

Gift vouchers

Healthy gifts with HEYLIFE! Want to give your loved one a special surprise? Then order a HEYLIFE gift voucher today! This means you have an original gift that is guaranteed to make your loved one happy and won’t just stand around unused. Whether they go for a HEYLIFE Juice Cleanse, delicious Nut Drinks or our fresh Coconut Water, whoever gets this gift voucher will be spoilt for choice!

Cooling Bottles

You’d like to enjoy your Cold Pressed Juice on the go and want it to stay ice-cold for up to 24 hours? No problem!

What does "natural" mean to us?

We make nutritious, organic beverages that contain ingredients as close to their natural state as possible. All our drinks are fresh, 100% natural and plant-based. All efforts are worth it: Our drinks taste as fresh as mom’s hand-pressed orange juice – and they are packed with vitamins! We love the taste of fresh veggies, juicy fruit and crunchy nuts.
Nothing else goes into our drinks – we don’t compromise! No “natural” flavors, no concentrates, no refined sugar, no preservatives! Pure nature. Because it’s not only healthier, but also tastier and more refreshing!