Here you can see an overview of where each of our beverages can be found in Switzerland.

The HEYLIFE products you will find in the shops have a shelf life of several weeks due to innovative high pressure processing. As we use no heat pasteurization, all the nutrients stay in the bottle and the fresh taste is preserved!

Our HEYLIFE #RAW JUICE Fasting programs and #RAW Juices are only available online.


And at our following partners



Retail Clients & Companies

We are happy to collaborate with small and big shops, companies, gyms and other partners. We draw up a customized quote on request. We cater to your requirements as best as we can, whether you prefer a regular delivery, an on-site juice tasting, Coconut Water, Almond Drinks, or something else entirely.  Just drop a line to team@heylife.ch and we will be in touch!