Here you can see an overview of where each of our beverages can be found in Switzerland.

The HEYLIFE products you will find in the shops have a shelf life of several weeks due to innovative high pressure processing. As we use no heat pasteurization, all the nutrients stay in the bottle and the fresh taste is preserved!


Cold Pressed Shot

“Superfood” shots: 100% fresh, cold pressed vegetable and fruit juice

HEYLIFE Shots are a natural booster for body and mind. Whether you have one in the morning instead of a coffee, or as an added kick as a snack, our power trio gives you the energy and vitamins you need thanks to a high portion of “superfoods”!

Available online, in stores and select restaurants

Coconut Water

100% freshly picked Thai coconut water

Our HEYLIFE Coconut Water comes from young organic Nam Hom coconuts.  Freshly picked, they are bottled directly and delivered to us without ever being heated. This preserves the valuable nutrients and the fresh, nutty taste. For that palm beach feeling!

Erhältlich online, im Detailhandel und in ausgewählten Restaurants

We deliver to your door!

Nut Drink

Fresh Nut Drink, flavored with delicious spices

We have developed our Nut Drinks with great attention to detail. We mix nuts with water, dates, Himalayan salt and spices. These lactose-free and vegan drinks are not only alternatives to milk when added to other drinks, but are also a natural treat when drunk on their own!

Available online, in stores and select restaurants