As you might have noticed, there are no coconut plantations in Switzerland – unfortunately! So we get our delicious HEYLIFE Coconut Water from Thailand. In order to ensure its quality, we work closely with Thai farming families who grow the coconuts for us, and harvest them by hand. This way, we can ensure that their working conditions are impeccable and that the families receive a fair income. Here is a look behind the scenes of our production in Thailand…

coconut water

1. Coconut Palms

We only use young, green organic Nam Hom coconuts. Why? Because they are the ones with the best taste! The coconuts are not harvested until they are fully ripe. This way they are most delicious and have the highest nutrient content.

2. Irrigation and harvesting

The palm fields have irrigation ditches, this allows easy irrigation with minimized water consumption. In addition, harvesting is simplified. When the coconuts fall from the trees, the water catches them gently, plus the coconuts can easily be collected in the ditches.

palm fields

3. Hand sorting the nuts

Our Coconut Water is bottled on the day of harvest. But first, the coconuts are sorted. If a nut is damaged and no longer fresh, it has to go!

4. Washing and preparing the nuts

The next step is to wash and prepare the coconuts before they go into production. There are strict hygiene regulations!

washing coconut
coconut production

5. In our production

During production, the fresh coconut water is obtained and bottled straight away. The meat from the coconuts is scraped out and reused for other products!

The efforts are worth it!

Our Coconut Water is never heated, so the valuable nutrients and fresh taste are preserved. One sip and you’ll feel like you’re right on the beach!

Pink? Yes, our fresh Coconut Water has a pink shade! The water of young Nam Hom coconuts changes its color to pink within a few days after harvesting. The reason for this is that the water of young coconuts contains enzymes. They naturally turn the water pink! Therefore, the pink color is a quality feature: It only occurs in fresh, never heated water of young coconuts, which has been processed gently.


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