Group Cleanses


Enjoy all the benefits of a group cleanse, empowering your connection while giving your body a break!


So how does it work? There are just 3 steps...

Save up to 15%! The more people join, the bigger the discount!


Get your friends, family or work colleagues together for a healthy challenge. It’s even more fun together!


Choose a Juice Cleanse for each of you and a start date that suits everyone in your group. Remember that we can deliver every day from Tuesday to Saturday by express.


You save more the bigger your group is. And shipping is free for orders over CHF 200!

Our Group Cleanse Deal

Do all participants have to select the same cleanses in the group order? No, that is not necessary. Each of you can select a desired #RAWJUICE Cleanse (Classic, Green, Intense or Part-Time). Do all cleanses in the group have to have the same duration? No. Of course, everyone can choose the duration (1 to 7 days) that suits them. But all cleanses must be delivered to the same address to benefit from the group discount. The group cleanse discount is automatically applied in the shopping cart.

10% off

from 5 Juice Cleanses

15% off

from 10 Juice Cleanses

Choose your Juice Cleanse

The discount will be directly applied in the shopping cart.

Order now and enjoy the challenge!

Your first Juice Cleanse? Find out now how do our Juice Cleanses work.

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