Intense Juice Fasting🇨🇭

Our intense Juice Fasting Program with a large variety of green juices. For people with an active lifestyle who are looking for a healthy challenge!



5 #RAWJUICES (5x400ml), 1 Almond Drink (1x400ml), 2 #RAWSHOTS (2x65ml) – all #RAW!

Keep refrigerated at 5°C maximum.
Allergens: Almonds and celery. Shelf life min. 7 days.


Intermediate Juicing Fans. You get a great balance of lighter and stronger juices, including some juices with an especially high share of vegetables.

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I am an intense Juice Fasting Program and contain a wide variety of juices. I am perfect for everyone who is looking for a challenge. My juices do not only contain a lot of fruits, but also a high amount of veggies. At noon, #SpanishLunch is on the menu; the light, spicy juice’s taste is reminiscent of gazpacho, which makes it the perfect change from the sweeter juices. Every day, at least one stronger green juice with an especially high vegetable content is on the menu. In addition, you get a satisfying Almond Drink to enjoy for even more variety.

Let me treat your body and soul to a well-deserved rest. With my help you will create more health-conscious eating habits. Say goodbye to unhealthy habits now and develop a taste for nature!

What makes our Intense Juice Fasting so special

Our Intense Juice Fasting provides you with maximum variety and nutrients. On average, one juice contains 650 gram of raw vegetables and fruits! Each day, you get a satisfying Almond Drink for even more variety.

All drinks in our Juicn are freshly pressed and raw. Because not all juices on the market are alike: We cold press our juices. In conventional juice production, a centrifugal process is generally used, in which the liquid is literally “ejected” from vegetables and fruit. This generates heat, which destroys valuable nutrients such as vitamins. Moreover, the centrifugal systems are not suitable for processing green, leafy vegetables – but this is exactly where most vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances are to be found.
It was therefore clear to us that we wanted to use traditional hydraulic cold pressing for our juices. In this process, a consistent level of pressure is built up, and we can gently extract the juice from leaves, herbs, fruits and vegetables. And all this without exposure to any heat! This is neither the easiest nor the fastest way to extract juice, but it is the only way to make sure the nutrients of the raw materials actually end up in the juice bottle.