intense cleanse

I have just done the Intense Juice Fasting for 3 days with some office colleagues. I actually like to eat way too much, but the timing was perfect, because I felt totally oversaturated. Too many dinners, aperitifs, parties, etc. I felt good during the fasting overall, only a few times I felt like eating something. But I enjoyed food much more and more consciously afterwards.” – Florance


For me HEYLIFE drinks offer an easy way to get my vitamins & nutrients, or my “5-a-day”, in hectic everyday life. I know that I can trust the quality of HEYLIFE, because everything is produced freshly and without any additives.” – Fränzi

coconut water

I have done a number of three day HEYLIFE Intense Juice Fasting. I not only felt totally rejuvenated post the 3 days but I had more energy, my stomach did not pain when I was stressed and I felt like a new man. I totally recommend to do this at least once every 2 months. The 1st day is tough for sure and sometimes you feel like just that one quick bite of food, but when you get to the second and the third day you feel all your bodily aches and pains go away, my skin was glowing and the best part was the boost of energy.” – Simon

classic almond

Juices and smoothies can be found in almost every shop by now, but only with HEYLIFE I know that what’s written on the package is actually true. Namely staying away from any additives and focusing on gentle treatment of the materials, which gets the best out of all components. My personal favorite is the Classic Almond Drink, it provides me with valuable nutrients and tastes super delicious.” – Tobias

coconut production

HEYLIFE is lifestyle, health-conscious nutrition, pure deliciousness for in between: For me it is decisive whether a juice is 100% natural – only then I drink it. What distinguishes HEYLIFE, apart from the high-quality production of the products, is their intensity of taste: The Coco Water for example – have you tried it? My absolute favorite.” – Sandra


To me HEYLIFE is a real superfood. Refreshingly light energy for in between. Finally a juice without artificial sugar! Especially in winter it is important to take a lot of vitamins. An HEYLIFE a day keeps the Doctor away!” – Nadine