HEYLIFE is all about making healthy nutrition easy and delicious. A busy lifestyle should not prevent you from providing your body with the natural food it needs!

It is our mission to create truly (!) natural, irresistibly delicious drinks. Why? Because we are convinced that a healthy body is the groundwork of a happy mind!
All our drinks are fresh, 100% natural and plant-based. All efforts are worth it: Our drinks taste as fresh as mom’s hand-pressed orange juice – and they are packed with vitamins! We love the taste of fresh veggies, juicy fruit and crunchy nuts.
Nothing else goes into our drinks – we don’t compromise! No “natural” flavors, no concentrates, no refined sugar, no preservatives! Pure nature. Because it’s not only healthier, but also tastier and more refreshing!

All our products are made from the best plant-based, untreated raw materials. We do not use any stabilizers, artificial flavours, preservatives, refined sugars or any other additives (including “natural” additives).

“Gentle” production is important to us and this is why we use a hydraulic press method. This innovative process extracts valuable plant nutrients best. We also do not use heat pasteurization to prolong our nutrient rich products’ shelf lives. In this way we are able to obtain the maximum amount of juice and vitamins, plus the best taste.

Our products contain many raw materials with a high content of beneficial vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances: vegetables, fruits, various berries, roots, nuts and herbs. These are essential for our metabolism, health and well-being.

Quality and Production

Cold Pressing

Not all juices are alike. In conventional juice production, a centrifugal process is generally used, in which the liquid is literally “ejected” from vegetables and fruit. This generates heat, which destroys valuable nutrients such as vitamins. Moreover, the centrifugal systems are not suitable for processing green, leafy vegetables – but this is exactly where most vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances are to be found.

It was therefore clear to us that we wanted to use traditional hydraulic cold pressing for our juices. In this process, a consistent level of pressure is built up, and we can gently extract the juice from leaves, herbs, fruits and vegetables. And all this without exposure to any heat! This is neither the easiest nor the fastest way to extract juice, but it is the only way to make sure the nutrients of the raw materials actually end up in the juice bottle.

High Pressure Processing

It all began with our raw vegetable and fruit juices: the HEYLIFE #RAW Juices. They soon became so popular that we were faced with growing demand for them to be sold in stores, too. We wanted to make this possible! So we looked for a way to prolong the shelf life of our juices without losing their valuable nutrients. Thus, pasteurisation was out of the question as with this process, most nutrients are destroyed through heat. But the efforts paid off when we came across the innovative High Pressure Processing (HPP) method. The beverage bottles filled with juice are placed in a water bath and exposed to high pressure, which renders microorganisms harmless – but preserves the fresh taste and the nutrients! Thanks to the resulting longer shelf life, we can also make our cold pressed, fresh juices available to shops and restaurants. Without any heat or additives. We use this gentle pressure processing method for all our drinks – except of course the #RAW Juices and our Bubbly.

Local and Organic

It is very important to us to only use the very best that nature has to offer. Wherever possible, we work with regional ingredients. We cultivate strong partnerships with our suppliers and therefore know exactly which field our cucumbers come from or where our carrots grow.

For example, we source our original spelt grass fresh from the Klausböhler organic farm in Seuzach. The fields are cultivated biodynamically and the grass is harvested by hand. This way, we can make sure the best quality raw materials go into our drinks!

Producing Nut Drinks

Our Nut Drinks are produced with love in our production kitchen. We mix nuts such as almonds or hazelnuts with water, maple syrup and Himalayan salt to a homogeneous drink. Careful stirring ensures the creamy consistency and the fine taste of this plant-based milk alternative. After that we add the characteristic spices to the Nut Drinks, which make them so irresistible.

Bubbly Agua Fresca

What do you drink when you’re thirsty for a healthy, light refreshment, but find water too boring? Do you also find it scary when you read the long list of – often mysterious – ingredients of conventional soft drinks? And the sugar content catches your eye?
With our new Bubbly, we provide you with a 100% natural, irresistibly delicious soft drink. It contains fresh, organic juice and sparkling water – nothing else! No “natural” flavors, no concentrates, no refined sugar, no preservatives. Pure nature. Because this is not only healthier, but also tastier and more refreshing! Finally a soft drink you can enjoy with your lunch, or on a fun night out, that makes you feel good in the long run, too!

What differs Bubbly from our other products?

With our nutrient-rich Juices, Nut Drinks and Plant Water, we focus on delivering you maximum vitamins. Those products are never ever heated, so all precious vitamins remain in the bottle. After all, a nutrient boost is what you want when drinking a Cold Pressed Juice or Shot!

With our Bubbly on the other hand, the focus is on delivering you a light, delicious and – most importantly – 100% natural soft drink. Sometimes you just need a boost of freshness to hydrate and energize yourself. With this in mind, we decided to use pasteurization for this product. That way, we can deliver our all natural drinks to you without having to worry about keeping them continuously chilled, and you benefit from a longer shelf-life. So when you’re thirsty for our Bubbly, just pop it in the fridge for a few hours and your refreshment is ready for you to enjoy!

Team and Vision

HEYLIFE was founded with the goal of making healthy nutrition fast and easy. In the hectic pace of our everyday life, lack of time should not be an obstacle to supplying the body with essential, natural raw materials. We are convinced of the beneficial effect that a healthy diet has on our quality of life! It contributes significantly to our mental and physical well-being by not only improving overall fitness but also strengthening the immune system. This is how we discovered cold pressed juices: concentrated juice power from raw, fresh vegetables as well as from fruits.

We have continuously expanded our portfolio with new beverages. By now, we offer much more than our #RAW Juice Cleanses which you can order online. You can now enjoy our drinks in stores and restaurants too. Grab those vitamins on the go!

Our favorite products?

Yvonne: (She makes sure that only the very best raw materials go into the drinks.)
My first Nut Drink was an absolute “wow experience” and it immediately became my new favorite drink. I enjoy every single sip of the delicious almond drinks. It can also be used to create tasty parfaits or porridge too, they are always very popular with guests. I can only say: Try them out!

Robert: (He makes sure that you can find our drinks on the shelves of your favorite shop.)
My all day every day favorite is the KickMyGrass Shot. For me it’s a real evergreen, I like to start the day with it every morning. I just find it super refreshing and surprising in taste, the spelt grass gives me exactly the boost I need in the morning to get going. When I am really thirsty, for example after my Hot Yoga course, I like to treat myself to a big bottle of Coconut Water. It just tastes delicious and gives me so much more than water. By the way, my mat colleagues see it the same way.

Nora: (She makes sure that the drinks are seen and talked about.)
The GingerFire Shot and Classic Almond Nut Drink compete in a neck-and-neck race. But my absolute favorite would have to be the Classic Almond, I’m just always in the mood for it. I find it incredibly delicious and it gives me a nice gut feeling. It’s also extremely versatile; I don’t just drink it pure but also use it for muesli, coffee or even baking, instead of conventional milk. My insider tip is to make Chia pudding with it. So delicious!

«Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.»

Jim Rohn


The HEYLIFE team is made up of creative and business-oriented people who enjoy their jobs and enthusiastically combine the best of what nature has to offer to create new HEYLIFE products. We are always on the lookout for motivated personalities who are looking for a varied and challenging job in a fresh, young company and who can identify with HEYLIFE.