Our tips for juicing made easy

1. Start the day right

After getting up, drink a glass of lukewarm water. You can mix it with our #ClassicGinger shot to hydrate your body and give you an extra portion of nutrients first thing in the morning.

2. When to drink what

We recommend a certain order in which to drink the juices during the course of the day. But it’s no problem to adapt the menu to your personal daily routine. The only really important thing is that you drink the juices regularly throughout the day. Ideally, you should also not consume anything in the last two hours before going to bed so that your body and digestive system can rest.

3. Caffeine and other drinks

In addition to the juices, it is important that you drink enough other fluids during the day. Drink as much water and herbal tea as you like! Try to avoid caffeinated drinks (black tea, coffee…). If you are a coffee fan, you may have a slight headache while you are juicing. If you really can’t go without caffeine: Drink green tea, it contains valuable catechins.

4. Exercise

Take it a little easier while you are juicing. We recommend that you refrain from very strenuous sports during this time. Moderate exercise is good for you though! Instead of a long-distance run, take a walk in the fresh air or do a yoga session. But maybe you feel more like soaking in a bubble bath: Do whatever makes you feel good!

5. After the program

After juicing, take it slow when introducing your body to solid food again. Use this moment as an opportunity to include more vegetables, fruits and whole grain products into your diet! Enjoy home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients. But don’t stress yourself: there’s no need to do everything at once! The important thing is that you maintain your new, increased awareness of what is good for your body. Have fun with your healthy, balanced diet and enjoy each bite with all your senses!