Liver Fasting Juice Pack Florian Sauer 12x400ml

The tailor-made liver fasting juice pack for liver fasting according to Florian Sauer.

Here you get all the juices exactly as you need them for fasting with Florian Sauer. This Juice Pack contains:

  • 6x OnKale (apple, celery, lemon, kale)
    6x GreenElixir (apple, cucumber, spinach, ginger, lemon, spirulina)


Shelf life min. 7 days
Keep refrigerated at 5°C maximum.
Enjoy within one day of opening.


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About liver fasting

Our liver is a wonder of nature and is responsible for essential tasks in our body every second – a small organ with over 100 functions for our entire well-being and health.
The natural liver fasting according to Florian Sauer is, according to experience, the perfect measure for effective discharge and activation of all organs. It is one of the most important health practices in the 21st century for growing old healthy, vital and in happy motion. Our juices support you in your liver fasting.