1. Pick Your Products

You would like to do a Juice Cleanse? In that case, our RAW Juices are the perfect match for you. Pick your Juice Cleanse or assemble your own juice box with our Pick ‘n Mix option.

You are looking for beverages with a longer shelf life that are still 100% natural and taste just as fresh? Search no more – our Shots & Almond Drinks, Aguas Frescas or Coconut Water are perfect for you. perfekt für dich. You have the agony of choice!

2. Select Your Delivery Date

We deliver our products everyday from Tuesdays to Saturdays by the Swiss Post. We need your order two days in advance in order to produce enough for you.

3. We Deliver to Your Doorstep.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that someone can accept the package at the delivery address during the delivery hours. It is important that they are always cooled properly. If nobody is home, the order will be placed in front of your door. Unfortunately, in that case we cannot guarantee the shipment anymore.

Your package will be delivered throughout all of Switzerland by the Swiss Post‘s overnight express and arrive between 7:00am and 9:30am on the morning of your specified date.

4. 4. Enjoy!

Voilà – now you get to enjoy your juices.

Don’t forget: Our products are absolutely fresh and without any stabilizers, preservatives or food additives. Thus, it is important that they are always cooled properly.