Watermelon Water

We turn watermelons into a 100% natural, refreshing drink for you! Thanks to their high water content, watermelons are perfect for juicing and make this drink beautifully light. In addition, our Watermelon Water is packed with valuable nutrients and makes your body and soul feel great any time of the year!
Minimum shelf life: 25 days

What makes our Watermelon Water so special?

Origin: Only when the Crimson Sweet watermelons have fully ripened, they find their way into our bottles. That’s when their vitamin A content is the highest. Plus, they taste the best!
100% fruit: Our Watermelon Water consists of 100% freshly pressed watermelon – nothing else! That’s why it contains valuable amino acids and nutrients, as well as all 5 essential electrolytes. Just like our Coconut Water!
Harvested by hand: The ripe fruit is harvested by Thai farming families. This way, we contribute to a fair income.
Fresh and natural: Just after harvesting, we gently cold press the melons, turning them into fresh juice. The juice is never heated, but preserved with pressure. That’s how we make sure truly all nutrients end up in the bottle!
Why so red? 100% natural: Our Watermelon Water gets its vibrant red color from the vitamin A.

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