Aguas Frescas

Our Aguas Frescas are the perfect natural soft drink, completely free of additives and artificial flavors! They consist of fresh vegetable and fruit juice, mixed with water and an extra portion of “superfoods”.
Minimum shelf life: 23 days

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The secret to our production: Freshly pressed AND a long shelf life?

Thanks to the innovative High Pressure Processing (HPP) method, our Aguas Frescas stay fresh for several weeks. With this gentle method, our beverages are never heated, preserving the fresh taste and all nutrients!
Pasteurization was out of the question for us. With this process, it is very easy to achieve a very long shelf life, but most nutrients are destroyed through heat.
How does the HPP method work? The beverage bottles filled with juice are placed in a water bath and exposed to high pressure, which renders microorganisms harmless – but preserves the fresh taste and the nutrients! Thanks to the resulting longer shelf life, we can also make our cold pressed, fresh juices available to shops and restaurants. Without any heat or additives.