Innovation Lab

Experience firsthand how we create new products and directly contribute to our product development! We want to know what you think. Receive samples to taste our newest innovations, name new products, tell us which product designs you like – and much more! We create our beverages for you. That’s why we want you to have a say in our product development!

You would like to directly influence our product development too? Just send an email to and become part of our Innovation Lab!

Depending on the development phase we can include different numbers of Innovation Lab members. We will contact you via email if you’ve been selected. You can then decide freely if you’d like to take part the task at hand, or if you’d like to skip this one.

Create your own HEYLIFE juice!

Thanks to our Innovation Lab, you have the chance to create the juice of your dreams! It’s that easy:

  1. Phase: Select your favorite ingredients and design the juice or nut drink of your dreams.
  2. Phase: Our innovation chefs test your creations and pick their 4 favorites.
  3. Phase: You vote on which juice we should include in our product range!

If your juice wins, you can look forward to exciting rewards! In addition, you will be honored here: on our “Wall of Fame”!

The Innovation Lab Wall of Fame

We have our first winner juice: #LoveAtFirstSip! The recipe of Andrin Aegler first impressed our Innovation Chefs, then received most votes from you as well.

The watermelon, coconut water and red apple make the juice a very light drink, with a lovely sweet flavor. Orange and pineapple complement it perfectly with their refreshing, pleasantly sweet-sour taste. A hint of vanilla gives it a unique, incredibly delicious twist. We are in love with it!

How did you come up with this recipe?

Andrin: “I thought about what I like, but wanted to use ingredients that are more unique too. So I didn’t just want to mix strawberries and banana, everybody knows that. I picked watermelon because it gives me a summer feeling, and coconut water, because it reminds me of the tropics. Vanilla gives the juice this pleasant warmth. Then I just let my gut feeling guide me!”

What was the first thought that went through your mind when you first got to taste your juice?

Andrin: “Very tasty!! It has a nice sweetness to it, without being too sweet. I like the aftertaste and it’s so refreshing, it energizes you! Super delicious.”

Soon, you will have another chance to submit your dream recipes. Maybe your juice will end up in our webshop next?


100% Thai coconut water, watermelon, pineapple, orange, raw vanilla, apple

CHF 10 VAT included